Monday 2nd Oct 2023
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MP Colonel Mohamed Nazim

Police Confiscate Alcohol Bottles from Van Owned by Construction Company Co-Owned by MP Nazim

The Maldives Police Service has seized bottles of alcohol from a van owned by RCC, a construction company jointly owned by MP Mohamed Nazim and his family. MP Nazim, who is also the leader of the Maldives National Party and a retired colonel of the Maldives National Defence Force, has stated that he is looking into the matter, though no further details have been revealed at this time.
The incident occurred when police stopped a van owned by RCC and discovered the alcohol bottles inside. One individual has been arrested in connection with the case.
It should be noted that the sale of alcohol in inhabited islands of the Maldives is prohibited. This recent development has sparked questions and concerns about the actions of RCC and the involvement of a high-profile political figure in the incident.
The Maldives Police Service has stated that they are investigating the case and will take appropriate action based on their findings. No further information is available at this time.