Sunday 21st Apr 2024
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MNP Disapproves Of India Out, Describes It As A Crime

Col (R) Mohamed Nazim, the President of the recently-formed Maldives National Party, has stated that the "India Out" movement that had been adopted by the opposition Progressive National Coalition, with former President Abdullah Yameen at its helm, was not a patriotic movement and not one in which the Maldivian people should participate.
Speaking at an MNP press conference, Nazim said that although they did not approve of the presence of the Indian military in the Maldives, the "India Out" campaign that was being lead by former President Yameen is a "crime".
Nazim further accused the former President of using the movement as a means to cover up his wrongdoings as the head of state. He said that he did not view it as a patriotic movement, and it was one that was being carried out with neither a thought for the future and no consideration of how it may harm the economy.
The Party's Vice President, Abdullah Riyaz spoke further on it by stating that dissatisfaction with the Solih administration's foreign policy should not be taken out on any one foreign country.
The agreement that brought the second of the two Indian military helicopters that are currently being operated in the Maldives by the Indian military had been signed when Nazim had been the Minister of Defence. In addition, Nazim's company, RCC, has many interests in many Indian-funded projects in the Maldives.