Friday 1st Mar 2024
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Dunya Maumoon

MNP vice-president Dunya summoned to ACC for questioning

Maldives National Party's Vice President Dunya Maumoon has been summoned to appear before the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) in connection with the MMPRC corruption probe.
Dunya was summoned to ACC at 11:00 am today. This is the second time the anti-corruption commission summoned Dunya for questioning.
In a tweet after arriving at the ACC today along with her husband and lawyer Shuaib Shah, Dunya stated that she has not stolen a single Rufiyaa and described the matter as political persecution.
Maldives Police Service and the Anti-Corruption Commission have also launched an investigation into MNP's president Colonel Rtd Mohamed Nazim in October.
The Anti-Corruption Commission is looking into allegations that Colonel Nazim received funds from the MMPRC scam. Former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb testified against Nazim at the ACC.

Colonel Nazim's name appeared in the list of recipients of MMPRC funds released by parliament earlier. Colonel Nazim and Adeeb were very close earlier. However, a dispute broke out between the two and Adeeb framed Colonel Nazim and sent him to jail.