Saturday 24th Feb 2024
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MP Ibrahim Rasheed

No Safe Environment for Pres. Nasheed Unless Imran is Terminated: Bonde

Parliament representative for Maafannu-Central constituency Ibrahim Rasheed (Bonde) has stated that a safe environment to allow former President and incumbent Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed to return to Maldives cannot be established unless changes are made to the Ministry of Home Affairs.
In an interview with Dhiyares today, Bonde stated that a secure environment must be established to facilitate the return of President Nasheed. He also revealed that the Chairpersons of the Counter-Terrorism Center and national defense forces have confirmed to the Parliamentary Committee on National Security that there is an extremist deep state in Maldives, and that there are currently 1,400 dangerous persons in the country.
Bonde is doubtful whether the state can ensure the safety and security of Speaker Nasheed once he returns, as Home Minister Imran has falsified the claims of defense forces. MP Bonde further stated that Nasheed would not return to Maldives unless his safety is guaranteed at his workplace and that the Parliament Speaker would consider a minister falsifying the claims of security forces.
Minister Imran Abdulla is suspected of being involved in the February 12 incident, and being investigated by the Transitional Justice Office established under the Transitional Justice Act. While the Office is investigating the matters of such people, it is the parliament’s responsibility to maintain trust in state organizations, said Bonde.
He further stated he supports the notion of appointing the position of Home Minister to the President’s Advisor Mohamed Shihab, as he has previously won elections and is supported and trusted by the public, contrary to Imran who has never won any previous elections.
“Imran and Mohamed Shihab are as different as the land and sky. The measure of the public’s trust is winning elections and being supported by citizens. Imran has never succeeded in an election”, said Bonde.
He reiterated that the government must guarantee a secure environment for President Nasheed, which can only be ensured with changes to the Home Ministry, as current members of the ministry have previously tweeted their support for the Islamic State.