Monday 27th Sep 2021
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Children's rights

Audit to Evaluate Enforcement of Children's Rights

An audit is to be conducted to evaluate whether institutions legally responsible for protecting and enforcing the rights of children are fulfilling their responsibilities.
Acknowledging that the justice system, due to significant delays, has long been failing in investigating and serving justice in matters such as violence and other crimes against children, the current government has included a Child Rights Protection Act.
One of the responsibilities of the Children's Ombudsperson Office established under the act is to ensure that state administrations enforce the regulations within the Child Rights Protection Act. Children's Ombudsperson Niumath Shafeeq informed local media that the child rights audit will determine whether the authorities are operating according to the act, and examine their shortcomings.
She further stated that the office has received 20 complaints since its formation, including 6 matters that the office has prioritized. The office is examining incidents reported since 2019.
Highlighting that acting according to the law and formulating a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is extremely important, Niumath stated that the absence of policies will allow organizations to do as they please and that the formation of the act calls for a change in previous policies.
The Ombudsperson claimed that once the audit reveals the extent of the legal system's enforcement, amendments will be discussed with the organizations and deadlines will be set. Action will be taken if they fail to comply within the given duration. This is notably the first time such an audit is taking place.