Tuesday 19th Oct 2021
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Fiyavathi Children Will be More Triggered If Public Crowd Around the Shelter : Gender

Gender Ministry’s Child and protection and family protection service had said that if the public crowd in front of the state-run shelter fiyavathi Hulhumale the children who live there will be triggered.
The child protection service had stated this in a statement that was released regarding the incident that took place last night at Fiyavathi. The children of the Shelter had climbed on the roof of the building breaking some of the windows and also a fire incident also had taken place.
This had attracted a crowd to the area also last week another incident took place last week where some passers-by had heard children crying from inside the shelter leading the passers-by to try to climb the walls of the shelter and demanding the gate to be opened.
The statement had further stated that the child protection service is aware that the public would want to know what is happening inside the shelter, however, taking videos and pictures of the children will only make them triggered.
The statement also said that they hope the public will assist by remaining patient as the services work on providing the best possible care and help for the children of the shelter.
According to the statement that was released by the child protection services regarding the incident of last night the child protection services had stated that a team from Gender Ministry as well as Child protection service are working alongside on a program with the help of the children and the staff of the shelter.
The child protection agency assured that those involved in the incident of yesterday are in good health.