Sunday 21st Apr 2024
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Hulhumale'-Male' Electricity Network Initiated by Pres. Yameen to be Connected Tomorrow

The electricity network interconnecting Male' and Hulhumale' initiated during the tenure of President Yameen Abdul Gayoom has been completed and will be connected tomorrow.
The project approved by President Yameen's administration is the largest electrical project conducted in the history of Maldives.
A media official for STELCO (State Electric Company Ltd) informed Avas News that the project to connect electrical networks in the Greater Male' Area via the Sinamale' Bridge, dubbed the Interconnection Grid Project, is now complete.
The line to connect Male' and Hulhumale' will be connected tomorrow, and some areas in Male' may lose power for about two hours.
The project was carried out by STELCO with an MVR 140 million loan. The project was initiated on July 23, 2016, by President Yameen.
As part of the project, a 50-megawatt powerhouse, fuel farm, and water desalination plant were established in Hulhumale'. The fuel farm is able to store 2,300 metric tonnes of oil.
According to STELCO, the system will enable electrical issues in Male' and Hulhumale' to be resolved more efficiently and will ease the issue of power cuts.
They claimed it will be much easier to solve the issues caused by smoke emission from power stations in Male', and considering the amount of power generated in Hulhumale', some engines in Male' will be shut down.
STELCO stated that the main power station for Male' and Hulhumale' will be the power station in Hulhumale'.