Saturday 20th Jul 2024
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MP Roxeyna Adam

Deputy Indian High Commissioner Requests MP Rozaina to Investigate Local Media

Deputy Indian High Commissioner to the Maldives has requested the Chief of the Parliamentary Committee on Independent Institutions and representative for Addu Meedhoo constituency Rozaina Adam to investigate a report published by Dhiyares.
The Maldives Journal received a screenshot of a message Rozaina sent to the committee's WhatsApp group regarding the issue. While the Deputy High Commissioner has asked MP Rozaina to review the issue, the Indian High Commission has requested the government to take action against Dhiyares and TMJ.
According to a senior government official, the Indian High Commission wrote to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to draw the ministry's attention to "recent, recurring articles and social media posts attacking the dignity of the High Commission, the Head of the Mission, and members of diplomatic staff".
The High Commission described the supposed attacks as "motivated, malicious, and increasing personal".
In the letter, the Indian High Commission referred to Article 29 of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, reminding the government of Maldives that the diplomatic agent is inviolable. However, it should be noted that the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations does not forbid the media and individuals from criticizing diplomats and their sending states.
The High Commission stated that they believed the "repeated attacks" were undertaken to create enmity and hatred between the people and the government of Maldives, and the people and the government of India.
The High Commission of India made two requests in the letter. First, to ensure enhanced protection of the premises of the mission, residence of the High Commissioner, and residences of other diplomats. Second, to take action against individuals or media outlets that are critical of India.
The message from Rozaina to the Independent Institutions Committee stated that the Deputy High Commissioner was concerned regarding his security due to reports in the media.
The Chair of the parliamentary committee claimed she had asked President of the Maldives Media Council Shahuban Fahmy to probe into the matter. MP Rozaina also stated she believed the committee should consider the matter to be serious and treat it as such.
The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations mentioned in the Indian High Commission's letter declares that diplomats are immune from civil or criminal prosecution. It does not forbid the media from publishing reports regarding diplomats.