Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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Govt Has an Understanding with ISPs Not to Issue New Telecom Licenses: CAM

Communication Authority of Maldives has revealed that the government has an understanding with Internet Service Providers on revised internet pricing.
In a Right to Information inquiry made to the Communications Authority of Maldives (CAM) by a citizen, the authority shared details of changes in internet pricing by Dhiraagu and Ooredoo agreed upon by the government.
CAM revealed that there was no formal agreement between the two telecom providers and the government regarding changes in internet prices. However, the state formally assured the two entities that no other company will be issued licenses such as Unified Telecommunications License, Internet Service Provider License, or Mobile Telephony License for the next five years.
Based on the understanding, Dhiraagu and Ooredoo plan to bring changes to internet prices in July 2021. The prices will then be revised in three years.
Although the government agreed not to provide other companies with licenses, CAM stated that there was no other obstacle in permitting another company to provide these services through new technology such as via satellite. Those who wish to provide internet via Starlink have the opportunity to do so, said CAM. The terms of the agreement will be honored by the state only if Dhiraagu and Ooredoo's services meet the government's price requirements.
According to CAM, the government and the ISPs came to an understanding after much discussion among the government, service providers, and experts in the field.
The new prices for services will be effective in the coming month.