Sunday 2nd Oct 2022
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MP Ahmed Shiyaam

Govt has No Intention of Reducing Internet Prices: MP Shiyam

The Maldivian Internet runs at “Solih” speed, remarked MP Ahmed Shiyam (Naifaru).
MP Shiyam said this while addressing the Majlis regarding the motion of no confidence against Communications Minister Maleeh Jamal. MP Shiyam highlighted the importance of the Internet and stated that the main complaint of the people was its slow speed.
“The Internet is at Solih speed. [President] Solih is a slow man. The Internet is at Solih speed. That’s the truth”, said MP Shiyam.
MP Shiyam said that when the Budget is sent to Majlis, it is ordered that Dhiraagu; the largest telecommunications company in the Maldives; should also take the largest profits. This shows that the government has no intention to reduce the Internet prices, said MP Shiyam. As the Budget demands that Dhiraagu make high profits, they are also forced to charge heavily for their services, he said.
MP Shiyam said that the main obstacle to reducing Internet prices was the lack of government control over Dhiraagu. The government lost control, he said, when the MDP had sold the government’s stake in the company under the Nasheed administration. If the government had any interest in reducing prices, said MP Shiyam, the government would be working towards buying back the share it sold.
The government’s stake in Dhiraagu had been sold to Cable and Wireless, a British company, for a relatively small sum.