Sunday 2nd Oct 2022
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Minister Maleeh

Reducing Internet Prices is the Responsibility of the President’s Office: MP Usham

Reducing Internet prices had not been a promise of Maleeh Jamal, but rather a 2018 campaign promise made by President Solih, said MP Ahmed Usham (Vilimalé). Therefore, fulfilling that promise is not the obligation of Minister Maleeh, he said.
MP Usham said this during the debate over the motion of no confidence filed against Minister Maleeh Jamal.
MP Usham said that the Minister’s mandate is to help the President fulfill his obligations; such as by preparing research into necessary issues, and by presenting the findings of that research to the Cabinet.
Actually fulfilling the promise was the mandate of the President’s Office, said MP Usham. This was clear from what has been said by both the President’s Office and Minister Maleeh, said MP Usham.
MP Usham said that he did not believe that not making necessary regulations was sufficient grounds for passing a motion of no confidence against a Minister. If such a motion was to be passed, he said, more substantial reasons are necessary.