Friday 23rd Apr 2021
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Minister Maleeh

Speaker Nasheed is the Principal of the University of Ignorance: Maleeh

The recently dismissed Minister of Communication, Science and Technology Maleeh Jamal has described Majlis Speaker Mohamed Nasheed as the “Principal” of the “University of Ignorance”.
Maleeh made this remark in a Tweet he wrote in response to a news article regarding the resignation of Mohamed Zahid, head of the Elections Commission's Compliance Commission. He said that knowledge could only overcome ignorance if people did not resign and stayed on to explain the ignorance of the ignorant people.
Maleeh wrote that the Majlis Speaker, Nasheed, promoted ignorance and was, in fact, the “Principal” of the “University of Ignorance”.
Ever since Maleeh had been dismissed from his post through a motion of no confidence, which had passed 54-1, he had been heavily criticising Speaker Nasheed and MDP parliamentarians.
He had likewise responded harshly to Speaker Nasheed and the MDP parliamentarians during his defence at Majlis.