Friday 23rd Apr 2021
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Minister Maleeh

Maleeh Calls Out Parliament Speaker on Unconstitutional Threat

The former Minister of Communication, Science, and Technology, Maleeh Jamal, has accused the Majlis Speaker Mohamed Nasheed of having “unconstitutionally”threatened him.
A motion of no confidence was recently passed against him by the Majlis.
He said this regarding Speaker Nasheed’s statement that he would have the Ethics Committee investigate whether Maleeh had lied in the Majlis as Minister, and that if he was found guilty of lying, he would face legal charges.
In a statement he released on Twitter, Maleeh said that he has gone to the Majlis after having done his homework. He said that Nasheed had contravened Article 90 of the Constitution.
Article 90 of the Constitution reads that “No member or other person shall be liable to any proceedings in any court, and no person shall be subject to any inquiry, arrest, detention or prosecution, with respect to anything said in ... the People’s Majlis ... if the same is not contrary to any tenet of Islam.”

Maleeh said that what the Majlis Speaker had said has been widely recorded. The steps to be taken agains the Speaker would be decided by the Secretary General of the Majlis. Maleeh had said that the Majlis has been entirely “ruined”.