Friday 26th Feb 2021
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Ibrahim Shuja

Shuja Says he has Full Trust in Yameen’s Legal Team

PNC Vice President Ibrahim Shujau has said that he had full trust in former President Yameen Abdul Gayyoom’s legal team.

Shujau said this in a statement he released on Twitter, refuting statements published by some media outlets which claimed that he had, in a WhatsApp group including leaders of the PPM and PNC, called for Dr Mohamed Jameel to be removed from his post. Dr Mohamed Jameel is the head of former President Yameen’s legal team, as well as an advisor to the PPM.

The media outlets had reported that Shuja had called for Dr Jameel to be deposed as Yameen’s lawyer and had called for a new legal team altogether.

Shuja denied these reports as “lies”.

He claimed that he would not allow for any dissent to creep into the “united ranks of the PPM”.

Shuja said that the entire PPM leadership had complete trust in the former President’s legal team, and he was certain that the former President would return to be re-elected in 2023.