Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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Zifleena Hassan

Controversy Erupts Over Zifleena Hassan's RF 3.5 Million Property Acquisition

Former State Minister of Gender, Zifleena Hassan, recently purchased a luxurious apartment in Hulhumale' for RF 3.5 million. The 1,235.42-square-foot residence, known as FW Residence, was acquired through the Housing Development Corporation (HDC), which originally owned the property before transferring it to Zifleena.
The apartment, valued at RF 3,463,600, has reportedly been paid for in full by Zifleena. Following the payment, the civil court officially transferred the apartment's ownership from HDC to Zifleena.

Zifleena is the second wife of former Foreign Minister Abdullah Shahid, who is also the President of the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), the opposition party of Maldives. Their marriage, which remained undisclosed for a significant period, took place during Shahid's tenure in the United States as President of the UN General Assembly.

The acquisition of such a high-value property by Zifleena has ignited public scrutiny and raised questions about the source of her funds. This incident has intensified ongoing concerns about the transparency and financial ethics of public officials and their families.

As public disquiet grows, there are calls for a thorough investigation and clarity from the authorities to address these concerns and ensure accountability in this matter.