Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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Foreigners Arrested for Operating Illegal Retail Businesses

Authorities have arrested four foreigners in a coordinated effort to curb illegal business operations in the Maldives. This joint operation by the Police and Immigration departments targeted individuals running unlicensed small and medium-sized retail businesses in various parts of the city and Hulhumale'.
In a recent post on X, the Immigration Department revealed that their intelligence unit had received credible information about the extensive operation of small retail shops by illegal immigrants. Acting on this intelligence, the authorities apprehended three foreign men and one foreign woman who were working illegally at the identified sites.
The Immigration Department emphasized that this operation is part of a broader initiative to track down and eliminate illegal business activities conducted by foreigners. "We are paying special attention to identifying and apprehending foreigners who are running small and medium-sized businesses without proper authorization," stated an Immigration official.
The Maldives has been facing a significant influx of illegal immigrants who engage in unregulated business activities, often bypassing the legal and regulatory frameworks established to ensure fair competition and economic stability. The government has been intensifying its efforts to address this issue, aiming to protect local businesses and maintain order in the commercial sector.
This latest operation underscores the commitment of the Maldivian authorities to enforce immigration laws and ensure that all business activities are conducted legally and transparently. Further actions and more extensive operations are expected as part of this ongoing crackdown on illegal immigration and unlicensed business operations in the country.