Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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Operation Kurangi Begins in Maafushi

Operation Kurangi has begun in K. Maafushi, launched by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) to address the issue of illegal immigrants in the Maldives.
The operation, which will be carried out in different phases, initially launched in Himmafushi on the second day of last month. As part of the first phase, all details of foreigners in the country are being collected, with biometric data of 705 foreigners gathered so far, according to the Home Ministry.
Home Minister announced that the process of identifying and regularizing illegal immigrants could be completed within three years. The operation in Himmafushi marked the initial stage of Kurangi, expected to be completed within a year, while the entire operation aims to be concluded within the same timeframe.
The main objective of Operation Kurangi is not to arrest and deport foreigners but to regularize those who can stay according to the rules, stated the minister.
This initiative reflects the Maldives' commitment to addressing immigration issues in a systematic and humane manner.