Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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President Delivers on Promise: Dollar ATM Service Begins in Maafushi

In a significant step towards economic empowerment, the first-ever dollar ATM service has been launched in K. Maafushi, fulfilling a key presidential pledge made by President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu. This marks the first instance of a dollar ATM service outside Male' City, showcasing the administration's commitment to expanding financial services across the Maldives.
Announcing the launch, President Muizzu highlighted Maafushi's status as one of the most commercially active islands in the Maldives. The inauguration of this service not only fulfills a campaign promise but also aligns with the President's ongoing efforts to strengthen the nation's economy.
The commitment to providing this service was reiterated during the 'President's Answer' series on February 15, 2024, where the President assured K. Maafushi resident Ahmed Sameer of the impending launch. This initiative is part of a broader strategy by President Muizzu to introduce safe, reliable, and convenient cash transaction methods.
Over the past six months, the administration has made significant strides in enhancing the country's financial infrastructure. The introduction of the dollar ATM service in Maafushi is a testament to these efforts, aimed at fostering economic growth and accessibility for all Maldivians.
In a related note, President Muizzu emphasised that this move is integral to the broader objective of improving financial services and ensuring that even the most remote islands are equipped with necessary banking facilities.