Thursday 20th Jun 2024
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Maldives Police to Establish 'Drug and Violent Crime Command' to Combat Criminal Gangs

Commissioner of Police Ali Shujau has announced plans to establish a new police department called the 'Drug and Violent Crime Command' as part of the Maldives Police Service's strategic initiatives to tackle criminal gangs.
Speaking at the launch of the police department's strategic plan, CP Shujau highlighted the inclusion of new initiatives aimed at curbing criminal gang activities, with the establishment of a specialized department dedicated to combating drug-related crimes and gang violence across the country.
The Drug and Violent Crime Command is set to strengthen both central and regional police capabilities, focusing on proactive measures against drug abuse, gang violence prevention, locating illegal migrant workers, and collaborating with communities to foster citizen trust and address various criminal activities, including human trafficking, cybercrime, and terrorism.
The announcement comes as the Maldives Police intensifies efforts in its anti-drug and anti-violence campaigns, underscoring the importance of the newly formed department in addressing pressing security challenges and safeguarding society from criminal threats.