Sunday 21st Jul 2024
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PNC MP Ibrahim Falah Criticizes MDP Government for Failing to Provide Housing Facilities

In a recent parliamentary debate, Ibrahim Falah, PNC leader and MP for the Inguraidhoo constituency, criticized the previous MDP government for its failure to provide housing facilities to any Maldivian citizen. Falah made these remarks while discussing a motion submitted by President Muizzu, which seeks reconsideration of the 9th Amendment to the Maldives Land Act.
Falah argued that the amendment to the Land Acquisition Act is crucial in addressing the current housing crisis faced by the Maldivian people. He expressed concerns that the previous MDP administration failed to deliver on its housing promises, despite acquiring significant debts and utilizing state tax revenues for housing projects.
"The MDP government was seen as one that acted only in the final three months of its term, attempting to appease the public," Falah stated. He pointed out that the acquisition of Hulhumale' was burdened with substantial debts and that the state's tax revenues were used inefficiently.
Falah highlighted the successful housing projects initiated under Mohamed Muizzu's tenure, which continue to benefit the people of Maldives. He emphasized, "At the end of the last government's five years in power, no flats were built in Hulhumale', and no housing was assured to the people."
He also criticized the allocation process of land plots under the previous government, noting that many beneficiaries were unaware of their plot locations. He mentioned that it is mandatory for the government to hand over allotted plots within three months.
Falah concluded by expressing confidence in the current government's ability to provide housing opportunities, stating, "Only a few people have been given land with the intention of reclaiming it if the government changes. President Muizzu will ensure that every Maldivian receives housing within the next five years."
The debate continues as the parliament considers the implications of the 9th Amendment to the Maldives Land Act and its potential impact on resolving the housing challenges in the Maldives.