Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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Cabinet Approves Ban on Israeli Passports in the Maldives

The Cabinet has decided to ban the use of Israeli passports in the Maldives, Minister of Homeland Security Ali Ihsan announced at a press conference detailing the cabinet's recent decisions.
Minister Ihsan explained that the Cabinet will send amendments to current laws to prevent individuals from entering the Maldives with Israeli passports. A special committee has been established to oversee this task, consisting of Home Minister Ali Ihsan, Foreign Minister Moosa Zameer, Attorney General Ahmed Usham, Economy Minister Mohamed Saeed, Tourism Minister Ibrahim Faisal, and Minister for Islamic Affairs Dr. Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed.
Furthermore, the Cabinet has decided to appoint a special representative by the Republic of Raisul to understand and address the needs of Palestinians on behalf of the Maldives. This move is part of a broader effort to support the Palestinian cause.
In addition to these measures, the Cabinet has planned a nationwide fundraising event to aid Palestinians affected by the ongoing conflict. There will also be a national march titled "Maldivians with Palestine" to show solidarity with the Palestinian people.
Other initiatives include holding talks with Islamic countries, led by the Maldives, to seek a timely solution to the Palestinian issue. The aim is to bolster international efforts to address the challenges faced by Palestinians and find a resolution to the conflict.