Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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Israel Excluded from Paris Defence and Security Fair

Israeli companies have been barred from participating in the upcoming International Defence and Security Fair, Eurosatory, which is scheduled to take place in Paris from June 17-21. The exclusion comes in the wake of intensified Israeli strikes in Gaza, which have resulted in the deaths of over 36,000 Palestinians, according to national media reports.
Eurosatory, held biennially, is one of the largest events in the defence sector, drawing thousands of investors and firms from numerous countries. Cogs Events, the main organizer of the fair, confirmed Israel's exclusion, citing a decision by government officials. The statement clarified that the decision leaves Israel's defence sector without representation at the 2024 Eurosatory Exhibition Hall.
Thomas Portes, a member of the left-wing French Unbowed Party, expressed his support for the decision on social media, highlighting it as a response to Israel's actions in Gaza. He urged the French government to maintain pressure and ban Israel from providing weapons.
The exclusion follows a protest by pro-Palestinian supporters outside France's defence ministry on March 22, where demonstrators called for Israel to be barred from the fair and demanded an end to arms sales to the country.
Despite a UN Security Council resolution calling for an immediate halt to Israel's attacks on Gaza following the October 7 invasion by Hamas, the conflict has continued unabated. Health officials report that since the start of the conflict, over 36,240 Palestinians, primarily women and children, have been killed, and more than 81,777 have been injured.