Sunday 21st Jul 2024
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51 kg of Drugs Seized in Six Months: Customs

Maldives Customs has announced the seizure of 51 kg of drugs over the past six months, with an estimated street value of MVR 100 million. The data, released on Friday, detailed the types and quantities of contraband intercepted by authorities.
The majority of the seized drugs were cocaine, with customs officials confiscating a total of 18.855 grams. Synthetic cathinones followed closely, with 13,536 grams seized. Other significant seizures included 7,400 grams of heroin and 4,174 grams of methamphetamine.
The breakdown of drugs seized by customs includes:
- Synthetic cathinones: 13,536 grams
- Heroin: 7,400 grams
- Methamphetamine: 4,174 grams
- Mephedrone: 3,870 grams
- MDMA: 1,152 grams
- Hash Oil: 910 grams
- Amphetamine: 451 grams
- Cannabis: 101.80 grams
- Synthetic cannabinoids: 25 grams
- Cocaine: 18.855 grams
In a related incident, a prison officer from Maafushi was arrested with drugs on May 29, underscoring the ongoing challenge of drug trafficking in the Maldives.