Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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MDP Government Was Muddled and Morally Bankrupt: Heena

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) government was muddled and morally bankrupt in the last five years, Progressive Party of Maldives and People’s National Congress (PPM/PNC) Coalition Spokesperson Heena Waleed said today.
Speaking at a press conference on behalf of the PPM/PNC, Heena said the MDP has acted with impunity, covered up crimes of members of their government, and withheld justice from the people.
Heena said that Ali Waheed, who was the Tourism Minister of the MDP government, was accused of sexually assaulting various women on various occasions, including his direct employees in the tourism ministry.
Testimonies from some of the victims have recently been made public and go into immense detail the ways in which Ali had preyed on those under him. Despite former President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s knowledge of these crimes, no action was taken against Ali.
Now, instead of seeking justice for any of the victims, the MDP has acted to give Ali Waheed a political future, she said. Ali Waheed is currently campaigning for the Kulhudhuffushi South constituency on the MDP ticket. The campaign is also being conducted by MDP officials.
Heena mentioned many things that the MDP has done besides the Ali Waheed case. In the case of a minister in the President's Office assaulted a journalist, no investigation was carried out, she said. Instead, he was given a senior government position.
In addition, the Deputy Managing Director of a state-owned enterprise had sexually assaulted many employees of the company, but no action was taken against them because they are a member of the former First Lady’s family. She stated that after these actions, the individual was given an even higher position by the previous government.
Heena’s speech described the MDP government as having largely failed to provide justice to the people instead of ensuring their rights. She said the women demonstrated against the MDP government's Home Minister on the street. Home Minister Imran Abdulla was also accused of sexual harassment during the MDP government. However, Imran’s case was not investigated even after the term ended. Yet, the girl who voiced her qualms on the streets was fired from her position.
Towards the end of his tenure, former President Ibrahim released several prisoners who had been jailed on sexual assault and violence charges. Some of the convicts were released under the President's special amnesty.