Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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MDP Does Nothing but Anti-Campaign: Heena

The opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) is doing nothing but anti-campaigning, said Heena Waleed, spokesperson of the President Dr. Muizzu’s People’s National Congress (PNC).
Heena told a news conference yesterday that the MDP has no policies regarding the upcoming general elections.
“It is obvious that they are anti-campaigning as a result of the pain of losing their government,” she said.
Heena said the party has not focused on the work or things that need to be done to elect candidates for a legislative assembly.
He added that the banners showed sentiments of violence and revenge, and the way the party chairman spoke was worrying.
“I don't see him speaking in the tone or manner that a senior leader of a political party should,” Heena said.
Heena said the MDP chairman's speech is in the same intimidating tone as the world's extremist groups.
Heena also asked the Election Commission whether they had seen the banners and anti-campaign posters. She said the anti-came posters showed that the MDP had no policy or goal.
"The direction is not straight. The direction will not be straight. How can those who do not know how to direct their party direct the nation," Heena said.
"When [former President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih] first came to power, he went off the chart. He sold companies. He sold the airport. Then he sold the country's independence, sovereignty and everything else," she said.
Heena said the MDP government did not do much when the government ended and there were no hospitals or major infrastructure projects. Therefore, she asked what the MDP is trying to achieve by seeking a majority in the Parliament.