Tuesday 18th Jun 2024
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President Dr.Muizzu

Opposition is Trying Rule the Country on Directions of a Foreign Ambassador: President

The country is now moving in the right direction, but the opposition is trying to take the country back in the direction of doing what a foreign ambassador says, President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu said.
Speaking at a rally in the city tonight for the upcoming parliamentary election campaign, President Dr. Muizzu said the government is now working to revive the country's economy. The debt of 120 billion MVR is being paid on the due dates and not by printing money like the previous government, he said.
He continued by saying that the previous government had started many projects in rural areas without the necessary funds. However, the projects are now being mobilized by giving money to companies from the state's revenue.
"The people are satisfied that the money is not printed, and the economy is being revived. So, we are moving in the right direction," he said.
"So, when we go in this direction, the people are empowered, investors who will invest in the country are getting confidence. [The opposition] is not able to digest it.”
The opposition MDP has strongly criticized the "direction to the right path" campaign slogan for the parliamentary elections. President Dr. Muizzu said the opposition is trying to take the country back in the direction of what a "foreign ambassador" says.
"This is an independent and proud country. The affairs of this country will be decided by the people. The affairs of this country should not be done according to what foreigners say or what the ambassador of the nearby embassy says.”
"The people of Maldives voted for this in the last presidential election. Therefore, the country should not go down the wrong path again.”
The President said it was not right to allow things to go that way again after the last presidential election ended Maldives’ obligation to follow the orders of a foreign country.
The President then referred to neighboring India. The last MDP government had very close relations with India. The MDP government has been accused of acting at the behest of India and of entering into agreements with the country that affect Maldives’ independence.