Tuesday 21st May 2024
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President Dr.Muizzu

200 Hectares to Be Reclaimed for Food Production: President

Speaking at a campaign rally in the Maafannu West constituency, President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu stated that 200 hectares of land will be dredged to provide space to produce agriculture.
The President said the people of Maldives are skilled in the agricultural industry. The President assured the people of Maldives that all kinds of food items will be produced in the country within the next five years. He added that there is no need to rely on other countries to produce the kind of food that the people can produce.
The President said that the people of this country will feel the independence of the country as it increases its own production and reduces its dependence on foreign countries. However, the President said that seeking foreign assistance for things that the Maldivians cannot do should not be seen as a problem.
The President continued by saying that if the country produces enough food, the expenditure of millions on food from foreign countries will be reduced many times over. The President has promised that he will also ensure food security for the people of Maldives during this term.
The President said the project will be a major force in the country's economy, as the project will open many job opportunities, he said.