Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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Schools Are Not Designed to Teach Practical Skills: Minister Dr. Shafeeu

Education Minister Dr. Ismail Shafeeu has said that the schools in Maldives are not designed to teach students skills.
Minister Dr. Shafeeu stated this in response to a question from Ungoofaru MP Mohamed Waheed in Parliament yesterday.
The Ministry of Education is responsible for the O-Level and A-Level stages of students' education, he said. However, schools are not designed to provide life or work skills to students, he said.
“Unfortunately, the infrastructure system of schools in Maldives is not shaped to facilitate skills, which does not to cater to all children,” he said.
"Not all of our schools are shaped that way. But, if you look at the city area and other urban areas, the schools are built in a very traditional way.”
The Minister further said that this issue needs to be addressed by introducing long-term plans into the education system and major changes in education policy.
The President's education policy is to conduct various skills teaching programs from the secondary stage to make the students who leave schools familiar with work. The education policy of his "Dhiveheenge Raajje" manifesto includes skills training programs for students at the national level.