Tuesday 16th Apr 2024
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President Dr.Muizzu

President Dr. Muizzu Makes History With First Public Forum

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has made history by hosting the first public forum by a sitting president to answer questions from the public directly.
The President's Office and Public Service Media have jointly held the second “Aha” Forum, with the first having been attended by 5 cabinet ministers. Dr. Muizzu has become the first President in Maldivian history to give such an opportunity to the people by attending the forum held in Sultan Park.
Last night’s forum was among the series of forums to be held by the government to allow the public to ask any questions they have directly to the ministers, and the President. The purpose of these forums is to improve accountability to the people, and address their most pressing concerns.
Prior to this initiative, the people have never been given such an opportunity to hold the President, or their governments, to account. In the past, people would have to send letters to the President’s Office and wait a significant amount of time for a reply. Before coming to power, Dr. Muizzu had assured the people that he would establish a more compassionate government than those of the past.
The President’s Office has stated that the President will attend the forum every 3 months to answer their questions. The President has also met with all the councils of five provinces, as well as their women’s development committees. He has made it a priority to meet the people in their home islands to assess their needs and listen to their concerns.

The President is answering a single question from a random citizen every day under the "President's Answer" series. The program is organized by the Office of the President.