Tuesday 16th Apr 2024
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Ministry of Construction and Infrastructure

Water & Sewage Work in All Islands to Be Completed by Next Year: Minister Dr. Muththalib

The work of installing water and sewage systems in many islands has started, with all work scheduled to be completed by next year, Minister of Construction and Infrastructure Dr. Abdullah Muththalib said.
During the President's visit to the southern atolls, accompanied by several Cabinet members, including the Construction Minister. Speaking at a rally in Thinadhoo, the Minister said water and sewage works have started in numerous islands.
There are 102 islands that do not have these services, but work has started on all of these islands to remedy the issue. Within this term, hopefully within the next one to two years, all these projects will be completed.
Construction Minister Dr. Muththalib
Dr. Muththalib added that he had received complaints that work had been stopped in 27 islands towards the end of the previous administration’s rule. However, since the arrival of the current government, work has been resumed in three islands, and water and sewerage works in six islands have been completed and tested, he said.