Sunday 21st Apr 2024
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President Dr.Muizzu

President Aims to Overhaul Fuvahmulah Hospital

The hospital in Fuvahmulah is not in the greatest condition at the moment, however this government aims to transform Fuvahmulah Hospital into a modern tertiary hospital, President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu said.
The President promised during the presidential election that he would provide CT scan and MRI facilities at the hospital. In addition, he said that his government will establish a decompression chamber in Fuvahmulah, as per his promise.
Many of the issues that have been neglected for many years by the previous administration have become dire, therefore this government will do what is necessary to solve such problems, he said. The President said he would try to solve the problems encountered in electricity service and safe waste disposal as soon as possible, as well.
The President said that the port of Fuvahmulah is one of the most important places for the economy of the island and he will bring all the necessary improvements to the port. The development of eco tourism in Fuvahmulah will also start as soon as possible. In addition, Dr. Muizzu said that his government intends to build an office complex in Fuvahmulah.
The President assured the people of Fuvahmulah that he would complete the construction of all roads in the city, as per his promise modernize all existing roads on the island. Yesterday, he inaugurated the second phase of the road modernization project in Fuvahmulah.
The President said he would maintain equality in serving the people. He stated that he felt the difficulties faced by the councils due to lack of cooperation from the government during his tenure as Mayor of Malé City.
He thanked the people of Fuvahmulah for their support and welcome to him on his arrival in the island.
The President is accompanied by a high-level government delegation during his visit to the four southern provinces of Maldives. The delegation includes Presidential Special Advisor Abdul Raheem Abdullah, Home Minister Ali Ihusaan, Health Minister Dr. Khaleel, Education Minister Ismail Shafeeu, and Construction Minister Dr. Muththalib.