Sunday 21st Apr 2024
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President Dr.Muizzu

Government to Increase Number of Specialist and Sub Specialist Doctors in Maldives

The government is working to increase the number of specialists and sub specialists in the country's main hospitals, IGMH and Dharumavantha Hospital, President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu said.
He was responding to a question from a citizen on the weekly "President's Answer" program broadcast by the President's Office. The man in the broadcast asked about the difficulties in getting appointments at hospitals, and how the government is working to improve the system.
“It's a lot of trouble, it's very expensive. So I really want to ask the President, will it change? The other problem is that the doctors don’t usually show up at the appointment time. They will often come up to an hour later.”
Answering the question, President Dr. Muizzu said the government is giving high priority to strengthening the health system in Maldives.
The more specialists you have, the less time you have to wait. The second thing is that when you make an appointment, you will know the date of the appointment, and the doctors will be able to be on time. Then, the hospitals should be shaped for doctors to provide services in a timely manner.
President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu
The President said that the existing specialists and sup specialists in the country are being added to the IGMH and Dharumavantha Hospital, and specialist doctors are being recruited for the hospitals that do not have specialists.