Tuesday 21st May 2024
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Indian Media Overjoyed at President Dr. Muizzu's Potential Impeachment

There has been a lot of excitement in the Indian media over the potential impeachment of the President and the disapproval of the ministers.
Palki Sharma, an English-language reporter in India, had commentary on the opposition's decision to oust President Dr. Muizzu and disapprove several key ministers in his cabinet.
In the commentary, she described President Dr. Muizzu as giving India an “ultimatum” when he took office. She referred to the President’s request that the Indian troops in Maldives withdraw before March. She described it as “fighting” with neighboring countries.
NDTV, a popular Indian channel, broadcast a segment on the potential ousting of the President, titled, “India Out to Muizzu Out.” The segment was attended by MDP spokesperson Anas Abdul Sattar. He described the president's impeachment as simply a reaction to the way things went in the first scheduled session of parliament for confirmation of minister. However, the MDP has already made amendments to the rules of parliament to make it easier to remove the president before the session.

This segment features a report on the President, which shows scenes from his first visit to China.

It is believed that the threat to the security of the Indian Ocean referred to by the MDP is the close relationship with China under the President's administration. Maldives’ close ties with China have always been described by the Indian government and their media as a major threat.

A video posted on the Times Now YouTube channel asked, “India-Out Backer Muizzu’s Time Up?”
WION Channel's segment on the ousting of the President said that the opposition parties in Maldives believe that President Muizzu's change in foreign policy is extremely detrimental to Maldives’ development in the long run. The opposition announced the impeachment of the president a day after the government decided to allow a Chinese vessel to dock in Maldives.

In this segment, the WION channel asked, “Will Muizzu be punished for his anti-India stance?”

This question suggests that the removal of the President is a punishment for his opposition to India.
In a post on YouTube, the Hindustan Times said the opposition has started working to oust the president and one of the biggest demands is an apology from the president to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
India's CNN-News18 channel broadcast a program on the impeachment of the President. Describing what happened in parliament, MDP MP Rozeyna described the President as an obstacle to democracy. She also described the government's top judge as a gang member.


According to Indian TV channels, they believe that the President is under threat of impeachment because he is against India. For some reason, they see the President having low credibility as a result of his foreign policy.

Article 115 of the Constitution gives the President full discretion to formulate and implement the foreign policy of the country and he has the discretion to shape the foreign policy in accordance with the promises he made during the presidential election.

Looking at the questions asked by the Indian media about the President's removal, it is clear that his removal is linked to India's policy of hostility and his promise to withdraw Indian troops from Maldives.