Thursday 25th Jul 2024
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Maldives Marks 50 Years of Diplomatic Relations With Australia

Maldives and Australia mark 50 years of diplomatic relations, with the Maldivian Foreign Minister, Moosa Zameer, meeting with the Australian Ambassador, David Jessup, today.
During the meeting, the Foreign Minister expressed his thanks for the Australian government’s continued support in development and cooperation. They also discussed ways to enhance bilateral ties that have flourished over the last fifty years.
The Foreign Minister made the remarks about the meeting in a post on X.
This meeting comes after the Commander of the Indo-Pacific Endeavor 2023, Admiral Anthony McCormack met with the Vice Chief of the Maldives National Defense Force. These meetings indicate the increased dialogue between the two countries and hint at greater bilateral cooperation in the future.

Australia has been a strong development partner for the Maldives, with the Australian government having given AUD 2.8 million dollars in Development Assistance between 2022 and 2023 alone. In addition, many Maldivians attend higher studies in Australia, with over 700 Maldivian students having completed studies in Australia on Australian Government funded programs.