Tuesday 18th Jun 2024
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Maldives Collaborates with Nations to Request UN General Assembly Special Session on Israeli Attacks in Gaza

In a significant move, the Maldivian government, in collaboration with several other countries, has taken a proactive step to address the ongoing Israeli attacks on Gaza. They have formally requested the President of the United Nations General Assembly in accordance with the "Uniting for Peace" resolution to convene a special session dedicated to the escalating conflict in the region. The decision comes in response to the relentless aggression that has unfolded over the past two weeks.
The situation began to intensify on October 7 when Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel, citing their actions as retaliation for Israel's prolonged occupation and targeting of Gaza's civilian population. Israel, in turn, initiated a military response, which has led to a devastating toll on civilian life and infrastructure.
Israel's response to the October 7 attack has included a widespread assault on civilian infrastructure, such as homes, office buildings, hospitals, schools, churches, and mosques. The indiscriminate nature of these attacks has resulted in the tragic loss of nearly 4,000 civilian lives. The global community has been quick to condemn these actions, with international outrage mounting against Israel.
Moreover, before the Israeli attacks began, the Israeli government cut off essential services from Gaza, including water and electricity, and internet access was interrupted in certain areas. These measures have fueled claims of ethnic cleansing, massacres, and war crimes in the region.
The human cost of this conflict is staggering, with thousands of civilians, including over two thousand children, losing their lives. As a consequence, public sentiment has turned against Israel in many Western countries that have historically supported the nation.
Maldives' Foreign Minister, Abdulla Shahid, expressed the nation's stance on this issue via a post on x. Shahid decried the ongoing Israeli attacks on Palestinian civilians, particularly children, emphasizing that these actions have continued for too long. Under the guidance of President Ibrahim Mohmed Solih, the Maldivian government, in collaboration with other concerned nations, is calling for the resumption of the 10th Emergency Special Session of the United Nations General Assembly in accordance with the "Uniting for Peace" resolution.
Minister, Abdulla Shahid's post
Shahid affirmed that the Maldivian people stand in solidarity with the Palestinian population in their struggle to reclaim their rights, particularly the right to self-determination.
The request for a special session at the United Nations General Assembly reflects the urgency of the situation in Gaza and the international community's growing concern about the ongoing violence. It remains to be seen how the UN and the broader international community will respond to this call for action.