Tuesday 18th Jun 2024
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Thousands of Protesters Rally in Male' to Call for "Free Palestine" and Ban on Israeli Passports

In a powerful display of solidarity with the Palestinian people, a peaceful protest organized by the Right Movement took place in the capital city of Male' on the evening of Friday. The march, was attended by thousands of people, women and children leading the way, while men followed closely behind.
The demonstrators came together near the Social Centre, their message clear: They stand with the Palestinian people and are determined not to leave them alone in their struggle. As a resounding gesture of support, the rally participants called for a boycott of Israel and a ban on Israeli passports within the Maldives.
Many of those taking part in the march carried Palestinian flags and held signs bearing various slogans denouncing Israeli actions and expressing unwavering solidarity with the people of Palestine. They fervently called for the liberation of Palestine, echoing the sentiments of countless people around the world who have been deeply affected by the ongoing killings and bombing in the Palestine.
The Israeli Foreign Ministry issued a statement prior to the protest urging Israeli citizens to avoid traveling to the Maldives during this period. The statement noted the significant increase in anti-Israeli sentiment within the country, attributing this rise to the recent actions by Israel in the Palestinian territories. The inhumane attacks on Palestine have clearly struck a chord with the people of the Maldives, leading to the widespread expression of displeasure and calls for action against Israel.
As the world watches the events unfold in the Middle East, the peaceful protest in Male' serves as a testament to the empathy and support that the people of the Maldives feel for the Palestinian people. It is a clear demonstration of the power of solidarity and the growing global response to the ongoing killings and bombing in Palestine.