Sunday 21st Jul 2024
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STELCO MD Offers Employee Bonuses in Exchange for Votes for President Solih

MD Ahmed Shareef of the State Electric Company (STELCO) has unabashedly promised his employees a bonus of MVR 4000 each if they can guarantee five votes per person for President Ibrahim Mohammed Solih in the upcoming presidential election.
The revelation came to light following a recent company meeting, which, instead of focusing on operational matters, shifted its attention towards campaigning for President Solih. Shareef went as far as taking attendance to monitor who was present.
The misuse of company resources doesn't stop there. Shareef is alleged to have provided STELCO’s speed launches for President Solih’s election campaign and is also accused of dipping into the company's petty cash for campaign-related expenditures.
These actions have not gone unnoticed. Despite being reported to the Anti-Corruption Commission of the Maldives, no action has yet been taken, leaving many employees disgruntled and questioning the integrity of the company's leadership.