Saturday 24th Feb 2024
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Opposition Leaders Arrested in a Peaceful Sit-in at Republic Square

MALE', MALDIVES - In a shocking turn of events, leaders of the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and Progressive National Congress (PNC) were arrested earlier today while peacefully sitting in front of the national flag at Republic Square in Male', the capital of the Maldives.
Among those apprehended by police in riot gear were MP Mohammed Saeed of Maavashu constituency and vice president of PNC, MP Ahmed Shiyam of Naifaur constituency and vice president of PPM, Ibrahim Shujaau, City Councillor for Hulhumale and vice president of PNC, Adam Shareef Umar, the MP for Maduvvari constituency and leader of PNC’s parliamentary group, and MP Thoriq, the MP for Mahibadhoo constituency.
At the time of their arrest, these opposition leaders were speaking to the media about various allegations of corruption, negligence, and poor governance by the current government, along with the alleged governmental influence in President Yameen's court case.

The police acted violently not only towards the opposition leadership but also towards members of the media present at the scene. This incident has sparked a significant outcry amongst citizens and international human rights bodies, raising grave concerns about the state of democracy in the island nation.

While the Maldivian law prohibits any form of protest at Republic Square, it's worth noting that the opposition leaders were not staging a demonstration but were merely speaking to the press. The arrests, therefore, raise questions about the freedom of speech and assembly in the country. This incident appears to mark a worrisome escalation in the tension between the government and opposition, with serious implications for the political climate of the Maldives.