Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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MP Abdullah Jabir

Trading Natural Luxury for Votes: Solih Gifts Pricey Lagoon to Jabir

In a politically charged exchange that raises profound questions about fairness and economic prudence, the government of Maldives has conceded a vast lagoon in Kaafu Atoll to MP Abdullah Jabir. The strategic land swap, made public recently, has sent shockwaves through the political and economic landscape of the island nation.
This lagoon, located near the elite Constance Halaveli resort, is among the prime spots for resort development in Kaafu Atoll. According to official records, the exchange was conducted in compensation for a sandbank in AA.Atoll earlier given to Jabir, which the government subsequently "had to take back."
The administration, however, is facing criticism from various quarters, as many question the economic viability of the swap. In particular, detractors are highlighting the disproportion in value between the two properties, pointing out the fiscal imprudence of swapping a prime location lagoon for a less valuable sandbank.
Adding a twist to this already complex narrative, The Maldives Journal has learnt that MP Jabir plans to sell this valuable lagoon to a foreign investor. Sources indicate that the MP has committed to diverting a substantial portion of the proceeds to President Solih's re-election campaign.
This sudden turn of events is intriguing given that Jabir, until very recently, was an open critic of President Solih, even resorting to profanity during parliamentary sessions. His recent change in stance, however, is conspicuously coinciding with the lagoon concession, leading to speculation of political bartering. Jabir even confirmed his backing for Solih in a recent campaign event, stating he would "use dollars to fight & win the election for Solih."