Wednesday 24th Jul 2024
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MP Ahmed Usham

Jabir Unwell, Needs Help: MP Usham

Parliament representative for Villimale' constituency Ahmed Usham has stated that Kaashidhoo MP and Leader of Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) Abdulla Jabir is unwell, and needs help.
MP Usham made his statement following public criticism as Jabir protested alone outside parliament this afternoon.
"I spent some time with MP Jabir a couple of weeks back. He is clearly not okay and he needs urgent help", he tweeted.
He claimed that Jabir should not be mocked or laughed at and that such behaviour must not be encouraged.
He mentioned that during a meeting a few weeks prior, it was clear that MP Jabir was unwell and required urgent help. MP Usham hopes the family will provide the help he needs.
Jabir protested that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih must be summoned to parliament, and that Minister of Defense Mariya Didi must be removed from her position.
Dhiyana Saeed, MP Jabir's wife, attempted to remove him from the scene during his protest. However, she left when Jabir refused to comply.
No attempts were made to stop Jabir's protest. He ended his protest and left soon after.