Sunday 14th Jul 2024
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MP Ahmed Usham

MP Usham Calls For Fenaka MD to be Sacked for Threatening Powerhouse Workers Into Voting for MDP

MP Ahmed Usham (MNP-Vilimale) has stated that Fenaka officials would not have gone to the Komandoo constituency and threaten employees into voting without the endorsement of Fenaka’s Managing Director.
MP Usham made this statement via Twitter in response to a general outcry by ruling Maldivian Democratic Party activists against Zahir Usman, Fenaka’s Operations head, who had threatened powerhouse employees with dismissal if they did not vote for the MDP’s candidate.
MDP activists have claimed that Usman is a PPM member and that he had engaged in similar behaviour under the previous administration as well.
MP Usham said that MDP activists had chosen to remain silent about the matter until after the election, and he said that Fenaka had broken the law and that Fenaka’s Managing Director should be sacked.