Friday 1st Mar 2024
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Suspected Indian Drug Trafficker Claims Language Barrier in Maldives Court Hearing

An Indian woman, Lalthulanfari, has claimed that she does not understand any language, after being arrested by customs in the Maldives for smuggling drugs. The 57-year-old woman arrived in the Maldives on April 12th and was caught with drugs in her luggage.
She is now being suspected of drug trafficking, and when taken for a remand hearing yesterday, Lalthulanfari stated that she had difficulty understanding the court-appointed translator. The judge took this into consideration and ordered her detention for only 5 days.
This incident has raised concerns about drug trafficking from India into the Maldives. Many Indians are often caught smuggling drugs into the Maldives, and authorities have been increasing their efforts to combat this issue.
Drug trafficking is a serious offense in the Maldives, and those found guilty can face severe penalties. The authorities have been working tirelessly to prevent drugs from entering the country and have been conducting regular searches at airports and ports.