Tuesday 16th Apr 2024
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Drug Trafficking

Indian woman arrested in Maldives for attempting to smuggle 5 kg of narcotics

Customs officials in Maldives have arrested a foreign national who was attempting to smuggle 5 kg of narcotics into the country. According to customs sources, a 56-year-old Indian woman arrived in Maldives yesterday from Ethiopia by air, and 1.1 kg of cocaine and 4.2 kg of heroin were discovered in her possession during a search operation following a tip-off. The street value of the seized drugs is estimated to be around MVR 9 million.
The seized drugs have now been handed over to the police, customs sources said. The woman is currently in custody and is expected to face charges for drug smuggling.
This incident comes after immigration authorities recently introduced a new rule that allows foreigners caught smuggling drugs into the country to be deported after seizing drugs from them. Under the new rule, one person has already been deported after being caught smuggling drugs into Maldives.
The government has faced criticism from various quarters over the issue of drug smuggling, with many calling for stronger measures to be put in place to combat the problem. It remains to be seen how this latest incident will be addressed, but it serves as a reminder of the ongoing challenge of preventing drug trafficking in Maldives.