Saturday 1st Apr 2023
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PPM opposes government's decision to lease Thilafushi land to foreign companies

The Progressive Party of the Maldives has stated its opposition to the government's decision to lease land from Thilafushi to foreign companies for up to 99 years. This announcement came after the Maldives government recently revealed plans to lease two large plots of land from Thilafushi, an industrial island near the capital city of Male', to two Indian companies.
During a press conference, Abdul Raheem Abdullah, the leader of the People's National Congress, spoke against the decision and stated that the party does not accept the leasing of land from Thilafushi to foreign companies.
"That cannot be done that way. They are giving it [land plots] to India. That’s what we have been saying. That President Solih is selling off the country," said Abdul Raheem.
The Housing Development Corporation (HDC), which oversees Thilafushi, recently changed regulations to allow land to be leased to foreign parties for up to 99 years, following a request from the President's Office. The exact size of the land being acquired is yet to be determined, but sources within HDC have stated that it will be a significant area. The Indian companies are proposing to develop the land and then sublease it to other parties.
Abdul Raheem stated that the majority of government policies are of the same nature and to put a stop to it, the people should vote out the current government in the upcoming September elections.

The news has sparked a debate among the Maldivian public regarding the leasing of land to foreign companies, and the Progressive Party of the Maldives' stand on the issue is being closely watched.