Tuesday 18th Jun 2024
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Progressive Party of Maldives Convenes Three-Day Conference in Capital Male'

The Progressive Party of Maldives, in opposition, has initiated a three-day conference in the capital city of Male', with the purpose of preparing the party for the upcoming presidential elections.
The conference, dubbed "Hope", saw the participation of over a thousand delegates from various regions of the nation, who came together to formulate a winning strategy.
The conference commenced with addresses from three advisors of the party, including former President Dr. Mohammed Waheed Hassan Manik, former Vice President Dr. Mohammed Jameel Ahmed, and former Islamic Minister Dr. Shaheem Ali Saeed. Abdul Raheem Abdullah, the acting leader of the opposition, also delivered a special message from President Yameen, who is currently serving time in jail.
The message emphasized the importance of prioritizing the nation and conveyed President Yameen's steadfast spirit, even in the face of incarceration.