Saturday 1st Apr 2023
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PPM Raises Concerns over Former President Yameen's Incarceration with EU Ambassadors

A delegation from the Progressive Congress Coalition, consisting of former Vice President Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed, Deputy Leader MP Mohamed Saeed, Deputy Leader Ahmed Shiyam, and Senate member Hamdhan Shakeel, met with the resident ambassadors of the member states of the European Union in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The delegation was also joined by Zeine Abdulla Yameen as a representative of the President's estate.
The meeting was held to raise serious concerns about the fabricated charges and the unlawful incarceration of former President Yameen, as well as the manipulation of trial and evidence by the state and the conspiracy to eliminate former President Yameen from contesting in the Presidential Election. The delegation also highlighted the implications of the unlawful sentence against former President Yameen on the democratic process and the siege on democracy by the current administration.
According to the Progressive Congress Coalition, former President Yameen is their Presidential Candidate and they will continue to seek justice and democracy for the Maldivian people. They reaffirmed that they will not be deterred in their efforts to ensure a fair and just Presidential Election in the Maldives.
The meeting was attended by heads of missions from the European Union, Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy and Romania. It is unclear at this time what the response of the ambassadors was to the concerns raised by the delegation.