Sunday 21st Jul 2024
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MDP to hold presidential primaries on 29th January

MDP has announced that it will hold a presidential primary on January 28 to decide its presidential candidate.
In a press release issued today, the party announced that the party's presidential primary to decide its candidate for the 2023 elections will be held on Saturday, January 28.
The party has also asked those who wish to support the party's primary to submit their nomination papers by 4 pm on Sunday, December 24, with the signatures of 500 members supporting them to contest the primary. In the announcement, the party has also released a timeline on how the primaries will be conducted. The primary will be declared on December 18 and the final list of candidates will be released on December 26 after the deadline expires on December 24.
On December 28, the voters' list will be made public and complaints will be made public on the list and on December 31, the deadline for filing complaints for the list ends and the final list will be released on January 3. After opening the window for candidates' representatives on January 10, it will close on January 15. Voting for the presidential primary will be held on January 28.
President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has announced that he will be contesting in mdp's presidential primary. The party's president, President Mohamed Nasheed, has also expressed his interest in contesting the primary.