Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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MP Mohammed Saeed

Even the Housing Minister knows that Afcons cannot complete the bridge: Saeed

Member of parliament for Maavashu constituency Mohammed Saeed have stated that Housing Minister Mohamed Aslam will also know that India's Afcons Infrastructure Limited cannot develop the bridge between Male' and Villimale'.
Speaking at a rally held at the HQ of the opposition PPM, MP Saeed stated that government officials are yet to see the complete design of the bridge.
"I spoke to officials of the housing ministry regarding this matter. They are worried because Afcons haven't shared the engineering design of the bridge. They claimed to have completed the design but it haven't been shared with the government" stated Saeed.
Saeed who is also a VP of the opposition PNC, futher stated that Maldivian engineers beleive that the Indian company does not have the capacity to develop a sea cross bridge.
"Even the housing minister believes this," said Saeed.
It should be noted that AFCONS has never developed a sea cross bridge.
Initially, the government claimed that the bridge will be completed before the end of President Solih's term. However, later the government stated that only the portion connecting Male' and Villimale will be completed by the end of this term. Despite this claim, based on the progress of the bridge it is highly unlikely that the bridge will be completed in the next few months.