Sunday 14th Jul 2024
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MP Mohammed Saeed

Vice President of People's National Congress Calls for Immediate Intervention Over Lagoon Sale

MALE, MALDIVES - MP Mohammed Saeed, the Vice President of People's National Congress, has publicly called for immediate intervention from the Anti-Corruption Commission regarding the proposed sale of the lagoon in Vaavu Atoll.
In a recent tweet, Saeed wrote, "The authorities cannot turn a blind eye to this blatant misuse of power. The Anti-Corruption Commission must intervene immediately and halt the sale of Vaavu Atoll's lagoon @ACC_Maldives." The strong appeal points towards the growing concern within the opposition over the state's sale plan.
Saeed's tweet echoes a previous statement released by the Progressive Congress Coalition, which also expressed severe concerns about the government's accelerated plans to sell the world's third-largest lagoon. The Coalition claims that the intended sale, conducted hastily and below market value, is a desperate attempt to raise funds for President Ibrahim Mohammed Solih's presidential campaign.
Furthermore, the Progressive Congress Coalition warned about the detrimental impact this sale could have on the livelihoods of the people residing in Vaavu Atoll. They argued that the decision to sell has been made without any consultation with the island's residents, potentially threatening their way of life.
The opposition has urged the Anti-Corruption Commission and all other relevant independent institutions to initiate a prompt and comprehensive investigation into this matter. They want to ensure the safeguarding of public interests and the preservation of transparency and accountability.
The Progressive Congress Coalition, in its statement, vowed that under their leadership, they would reverse any improper sale of public assets causing a loss to the nation. They reaffirmed their commitment to principles of integrity and fairness and are adamant about rectifying any misconduct.
With MP Mohammed Saeed's tweet, the opposition is further solidifying its stance against the sale, hoping to bring an immediate halt to this transaction. So far, the government has yet to respond to the allegations made by the Progressive Congress Coalition and its members.