Thursday 30th Nov 2023
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MP Mohammed Saeed

MVR 500 million test pile no different from a marine navigation light: Saeed

Member of Parliament for the Maavashu Constituency and Vice President of People’s National Congress (PNC) Mohamed Saeed compared the new test pile, worth half a billion Maldivian Rufiyaa, erected for the Thila-Male’bridge project to a marine navigation light.
The bridge between Thilafalhu and Male’ City is one of the major projects commenced by the government and with the completion of its first test pile, the contractors have begun building a second one.
Marine test pile installation is done to prepare for permanent pillars for the bridge, therefore the bridge is still a long way from completion.
In his tweet, Saeed heavily criticized the Indian company, AFCONS, who are building the Thila-Male’ bridge, predicting that the contractors will not settle the fine incurred by AFCONS for damaging Vilimale’ reef, irreparably.
Saeed argued that the fine will be extracted through the commission loan of USD 100 million issued by the Indian government under the guise of hastening the project.
Saeed stated that people who installed the likes of a reef channel light for MVR 500 million will not be bothered by a fine, and urged the planning ministry to assess the bottom of the test pile to ensure its quality.
AFCONS has been ordered by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) to settle the fine of MVR 69 million within the next 30 days, in exchange for the damage caused to the Vilimale’ reef by their survey equipment.